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Efor Starter Microgranule

Get your plant to high yield with a good start.

Efor Starter Microgranule series offers a new generation solution to overcome post-transplant emergence problems.

It contains NP complex plant nutrition elements to be applied to the seed bed together with the seed during planting.

In order for the seed to emerge well after planting and to form a healthy rooting and upper part.

It requires high energy. The element that will provide this energy need is phosphorus. In order for plants to absorb phosphorus effectively, it should be 1 mm away from the seed.

MICROGRANULE fertilizers, which can be applied close to the seed thanks to developing technologies, also support base fertilizers and provide a new generation solution.

homogeneous production
Obtain plants of the same size by feeding each seed equally.
Since it can be applied immediately close to the seed bed, it allows effective phosphorus use and reduction of nitrogen leakage. It can be in contact with the seed to facilitate the uptake of nutrients, especially at the beginning of the crop cycle, without experiencing salinity problems. Thus, it provides homogeneous plant development and good rooting during the first emergence period.

Early Plant Development
Ensure early and healthy emergence of your plant by supporting rooting.

By improving the physical structure of the plant, it increases the efficiency of fertilizer use in later periods.

It makes fertilizer use more effective, even under the most adverse conditions.

It has an excellent micro granular structure.

Thanks to their very fine granulation (0.5-1.5 mm), these products are suitable for direct application with seeds.

It is dust-free and the raw material quality is high.




Hububatgiller (Buğday, Arpa, Darı, Çavdar, Yulaf), Kanola

3-6 kg/da

Tohum ekiminde uygulanır

Mısır, Sorghum, Ayçiçeği, Çeltik, Şekerpancarı, Pamuk

2-4 kg/da

Tohum ekiminde uygulanır

Fasulye, Soya fasulyesi , Kanola,

2.5-4 kg/da

Tohum ekiminde uygulanır

yaprağı yenen bitkiler (nane,roka,maydonoz,marul vb.)

Domates ve diğer bahçe bitkileri

3-4 kg/da

Tohum ekimi/Fide dikiminde uygulanır

(el ile manuel olarak uygulanacak ise 2 gr/ekim çukuru dozu aşılmamalıdır.)


3-6 kg/da

Fide dikiminde uygulanır

Örtü altında yetişen bahçe bitkileri

4-8 kg/da

Fide dikiminde uygulanır

(El ile manuel olarak uygulanacak ise 2 gr/ekim çukuru dozu aşılmamalıdır.)

Tüm meyveler, Sert ve yumuşak çekirdekli meyveler,

4-8 kg/da

Sürgün gelişimi öncesi

Sert kabuklular (badem,fındık,antep fıstığı,ceviz,kestane ve diğerleri),



Garanti edilen içerik

Toplam N :11

Amonyak N ::11

Nötral Amonyum Sitrat ve suda çözünür Fosfor Pentaoksit (P2O5) :55

 Suda Çözünür Fosfor Pentaoksit (P2O5) :53

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